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Fantom Comics was founded in 2005 by local comic book geeks, Matt Klokel and David Bishop. Over the years, we have served the District’s comic book communities from various locations, including Tenleytown, Union Station, Crystal City and finally, our Dupont Circle location.

Been reading DC and Marvel since the Silver Age? Want to try reading a comic book for the first time? Looking for a gift for a comics enthusiast in your life?

We’re happy to find the right book for you! We welcome fans and geeks of all kinds, and we are always striving to make this a store where comic books truly are for everybody.








AwesomeCon – The Kojo Nnamdi Show






Book Clubs are Cool Again – The Kojo Nnamdi Show








Best of DC 2016 – Best Comic Book Fans: Fantom Comics

Best of D.C. 2015 – Best Comic Shop: Fantom Comics

Meet the Local Illustrator of Lumberjanes, a Feminist Fast-Growing Summer Camp Comic





Saturday, May 4 is National Free Comic Book Day



Marvel Comics Movies Make Big Money for Parent Company Disney by Owen Fairclough


Lessons From Behind the Counter at a Comic Book Store by Lidia Jean Kott


The Female Thor and the Female Comic Book Reader by Noah Berlatsky


First Look: Fantom Comics by Sarah Guan


It’s Ladies Night for Comics: Fans of Superpower Break Down Walls by Emily Hoosier


Washington Full Circle: Comic Book Duo

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