Upcoming Week at Fantom – April 12th Edition

Fantom Geek Trivia Night on Saturday

Also on Saturday: Comics Workshop: Comicking With Friends


Welcome to this week’s dashboard post, intended to keep you updated on all that’s happening at ol’ Fantom.



Friday, April 14 – Friday Night Magic – Booster draft and casual play! Everyone’s invited!

Saturday, April 15 – Comics Workshop: Comicking With Friends – Ever tried to make a comic by your lonesome? It ain’t easy. Ever tried to make a comic with your bestie? It still ain’t easy, but at least you’ll have an excuse to hang out and talk about things beyond “Hey, did you see the latest Fast & Furious film?” Join Team KK (aka Kendra K. and Kat Sheldon) as they use experience from their (seven) years making comics together to share what they’ve learned when it comes to putting out queer smutty comics (Spacejinx), as well as zines (Why I Love Nic Cage).

Saturday, April 15 – Geek Trivia Night – Join Fantom Comics for geeky trivia, booze and the chance to win The Gauntlet! Join as a team or individually. For those new folks: Fantom Trivia night is ten rounds of all pop-culture focused trivia. No sports; no politics; no science or history…from movies to TV to comics to pop-literature…our trivia covers the kind of things you’d BS about in a comic book shop on a Wednesday afternoon. But with booze!

Sunday, April 16 – Spoopy Book Club: Black Hammer – Superheroes from Spiral City are forced into early retirement for dubious reasons in a small farming community… and they’re not coping with it well. It’s a weird superhero purgatory with creeeeepy overtones by acclaimed horror artist Dean Ormston (Sandman, Lucifer, Unwritten) and written by superstar creator Jeff Lemire (Plutona, Descender, Royal City).

Monday, April 17 – Comics & Cocktails – Join us for drinks, food and geeky talk! All are welcome!



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