Upcoming Week at Fantom – December 13 Edition

Fantom Game Night on Saturday

And Fantom Holiday Potluck on Sunday



Thursday, December 14 – Flicks with Fantom: The Last Jedi – Y’all know what time it is! We got together two years ago to watch Rey, Finn and Poe fight the First Order and Kylo Ren, and we’re gonna do it again this year! We’re trying to go to the 7:15 Standard showing at Gallery Place on the 14th, so snag those tickets and get there early so we can all sit together!

Friday, December 15 – Friday Night Magic – Booster draft and casual play! Everyone’s invited.

Saturday, December 16 – Fantom Comics Swap: End of 2017 Edition – You know when you buy a bunch of issues or trades that you really loved but now you need some bookshelf space? Not re-reading those old pulls? Come on by to our Comic Swap and find new homes for your books as well as new friends to talk comics with!

Saturday, December 16 – Fantom Game Night: Holiday Edition – We’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, so if you’re feeling stressed out, sneak away from your family for a couple hours and join us for a Fantom Game Night! We’ll set up plenty of tables and chairs to let everyone game, and you’re welcome to bring your own board or card games!

Sunday, December 17 – Queer Book Club: Batwoman – Hey all! We’ll be meeting to talk about the first trade of the new Batwoman Rebirth series! Tracking down the bio-weaponry manufacturer will take Kate back to an island she is intimately familiar with and will force her to confront her past!

Sunday, December 17 – Fantom Holiday Potluck – For anyone staying in town for the holidays–especially those of us who might not have a great relationship with our family–December can be a lonely time of year. So we’re hanging out like the true family we are! Come eat some latkes. If you’re coming, please post in the Facebook event page with what food or drink you’re bringing!

Monday, December 18 – Comics & Cocktails – Join us for drinks, food and geeky talk! All are welcome!



What new books are we excited about this week?


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