Comic Book Reservation Service

Our Reservation Service allows you to request books before their delivery date, and if you give us enough lead time we’ll hold them for you until you claim them. You can reserve an entire series or just a single issue. There’s no cost involved, and there are no minimum orders required. You can even choose to pick up in-store or we’ll ship them to you through the mail.

Signing up

Our reservation service is managed by ComiXology, the leading online comic book community. Once you register, you can start adding items to your pull list. Each week, we will check your list and hold your books for you.

If you are a new subscriber:

1. Register for a free account on our Comixology site here:
2. Look for a confirmation email to be sent to the address you specified. Click the link to confirm you’re you, and YOU ARE IN!
3. Go to our Fantom Comixology site and log in at the top of the page.

comixology login

4. Next you’ll be offered the opportunity to connect to Fantom Comics. Do it! Do it now!

comixology connect screen

  And…there you go. You are now connected to Fantom Comics. Use the Comic Book Reservation Service site for all of your subscriptions, special requests and – yes – even digital comic book purchases (did you know that when you buy digital through this link you can support your local comic book store, Fantom Comics?!).

If you are already a subscriber:

1. We don’t need to tell you what a useful tool comiXology is. What we do need to do is get your account linked to the Fantom Comics Comic Book Reservation Service. It’s incredibly simple. Use this link to log in to comiXology and make Fantom Comics your store by going to the bottom of the Settings menu!

Reserving Your Comics & Graphic Novels

For any item that’s available for Fantom to order each month, you can either Pull or Subscribe:

  • Clicking the “Pull” button means you want that specific item, one time only.
  • Clicking the “Subscribe” button means you want to sit back and have us order every issue or volume in a series until you tell us to stop (or the series ends…)

What to Expect Next

Okay, so you’ve connected to us with comiXology and you’ve selected books you want. What can you expect next? You can expect an email from our Reservation Manager introducing themselves and letting you know that you can always contact us via with questions or requests. We want your pull list to be the envy of all your friends! If you’re a Mail-Order subscriber, you will also need to fill out our Mail-Order Signup Form.

When will Fantom start holding my reservations for me?

We try to be very flexible at Fantom, but we’re also constrained by the universe of logistics for ordering comics. Here’s how those rules relate to you: The ABSOLUTE FINAL DEADLINE for new subscribers is 11:59pm of the Sunday preceding each weekly New Comic Book Day (“NCBD” for short). NCBD is almost always on Wednesday. If you sign up after Sunday, we cannot guarantee that your comics will be pulled for that week. But they will the following week. The deadline for changes/additions to reservations each week is 11:59pm of the Monday preceding NCBD. Changes made after this time may not register on our lists. Also note that by requesting something at the last minute, even if we do see your order, we may not have a copy for you, especially if it is from a smaller publisher. To eliminate all the risk of not getting your books of choice, we encourage you to keep your eye on the monthly deadline for a guaranteed copy. That deadline is 11:59pm of the 4th Wednesday of the month of that issue’s Previews Catalog.

To clarify: if you want Klokel Komix #1, which is featured in September Previews, then you have until the fourth Wednesday of September to subscribe to the book and be guaranteed a copy. After that, our order is placed and we can no longer guarantee the order. (Please note that this is based on the month the book is offered, not the month in which it is released. Klokel Komix #1 is offered in the Previews Catalog of September for release in November, as each Catalog has a 2-month delay from ordering to receiving).
In order to tell which month’s Previews an item is from, look for the 9-digit code listed with each item. So, SEP131018 is a book in the September 2013 catalog, and will probably be released sometime in November.