Comic Book Reservation Service


Subscriber Perks

– Never, ever miss out on your favorite characters and stories each week!
– Reserved, pre-ordered items (comic books, graphic novels, toys, figures, apparel) held up to two months for YOU!
– A progressive discount structure that puts money back in your pocket from your first purchase!
– Exclusive raffles for free posters, toys, and giveaways!

Become a Subscriber

We use a platform called ComicHub that will allow you to maintain and track your own subscriptions and requests. You can find out how to download the free app on our ComicHub FAQ page.



When do new comics come in?
Every Wednesday!

How do I pick up my comics?
Just come into the store, and let the employee know that you’re a subscriber and give them your first and last name.

Can I have my comics mailed to me?
Absolutely! Just sign up to become a mail order subscriber here:

How do Previews work?
Previews books come out at the beginning of each month and showcase all the comic books scheduled to arrive in two months’ time. Therefore, January 2015 Previews help you order books for March 2015. You can pick up free copies of Marvel and DC Previews each month with your purchase at Fantom Comics.

What is the deadline for reserving comic books?
There are three deadlines for reserving your comic books:

2 Months Before Publication Date: Books are 100% guaranteed barring publishing delays or cancellations.
1 Month Before Publication Date (aka Final Order Cutoff): Books are guaranteed barring publishing delays or cancellations.
Sunday Before Publication Date: Fantom will do its best to accommodate.
After Publication Date: Comic books cannot be reserved, must be special ordered.

Can I reserve a variant cover or special edition?
You can find and pull variant covers and special editions on ComicHub. We will do our best to accommodate subscriber requests but there’s always a chance the book will be unavailable to us.

Where can I get help with my subscriptions?
Please feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns.





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