So, you like reading comics but you just can’t get to a comic book store, huh? Then Fantom’s comic book mail-order service is the thing for you!

Why Fantom for my Mail-Order service, you ask? Well, how about:

Free Shipping

Easy and flexible Ordering

No Minimums

Oh yeah, and Discounts!

Here’s the deal:

We have three discount tiers. The more books we ship you, the more of a discount you get:
15-18 books = 10% off
19-23 books = 15% off
24 books and above = 25% off!
(one graphic novel counts as 5 comic books)

We also offer the option of shipping you your books as they are released. There is no discount or free shipping with this offer, but you receive immediate delivery. This is good for people who read just a few (or even just a single) titles.

You tell us which tier you’d prefer. Then, when we prepare our books for shipment every Thursday, we’ll look in your box. If you’ve met or surpassed the minimum required, we’ll email you an invoice through You pay, we ship, and it’s all good. If you don’t have enough books yet, we’ll check again the following Thursday and repeat the process.

Here are the next steps:

Learn about the reservation service – ordering deadlines, how to start, etc – on our Comic Book Reservation Service page.


You’ll learn the simple process of signing up to comiXology, which will allow you to shop for the books you like and put the power of subscribing into your hands!

Fill out our Mail-Order Sign Up Sheet, and we’ll get you started today!

Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS (don’t worry, there aren’t many)