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Adventure Time Original Graphic Novel Volume 2 Pixel Princesses

USD $ 11.99

(W) Danielle Corsetto (A) Zachary Sterling (CA) Stephanie Gonzaga. WHY WE LOVE IT: Our favorite princesses are getting a chance to take the main stage as they learn the importance of friendship and what it really means to wear a crown. WHY YOULL LOVE IT: Its a book about how Princesses can overcome their differences while at the same time kicking butt and taking names. WHAT ITS ABOUT: Princess gatherings arent always tea parties and doilies, there is a lot more to being a Princess that one might think. Danielle Corsetto (GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS) and Zack Sterling return with an adventure where some of our favorite princesses learn what it really takes to be a princess, while learning to respect each other for their unique outlooks on life..

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