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Deadpool Worlds Greatest Graphic Novel Volume 2

USD $ 15.99

(W/A) Various (CA) Tony Moore. The regenerating degenerate is now one of the most popular heroes in the world a freaking Avenger, for crying out loud! But enough about Wade: If you like Deadpool, youll go crazy for yet more Deadpools! Like the Mercs for Money hes recruited, in their own madcap adventures! And how about Deadpool 2099? Youre about to jump decades into the future to meet an all-new Merc with an all-different Mouth! But who is...she?! Plus: Say hola to Masacre the Deadpool of Mexico! Hell slaughter his way into your hearts in an entirely Spanish-language tale written, drawn and edited by folks who dont speak it! It doesnt get any Deadpoolier than this! Collecting DEADPOOL (2015) #6-7 and #3.1: TRES PUNTO UNO. Parental Advisory.